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Community Archives

Part of Archives For Black Lives in Philadelphia (A4BLiP)’s mission is to promote community archives. If you are involved with an organization that collects Black folks’ histories in written documents, oral histories, photographs, or other formats; or if your organization serves Black communities and you would like records management advice on preserving the story of your work; our volunteer archivists would love to help (at no cost to you). Here are some of the kinds of assistance we can provide:

  • Organizing, reboxing, and inventorying your paper collections
  • Deciding on metadata (description fields like “title” “date” “author” etc.) for your digital collections
  • Standardizing and streamlining your metadata
  • Grantwriting
  • Developing records management policies
  • Advice on digital preservation
  • Other things – ask!

If your organization aligns with our mission and you might be interested in (free) assistance in these areas, please contact us at

Past partnerships

Resources for Community Archives

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